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White Blend Coffee

White Blend Coffee is a blend of 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta, perfect for those who enjoy milk-based drinks and fans of stronger black coffee.

Taste/Aroma: Bitter chocolate, walnuts

Recommended Brewing Methods: Lever espresso machines, Automatic espresso machines, Moka pot

The distinctive flavor profile of White Blend, characterized by bitter chocolate and walnuts, makes it a versatile choice. With 80% Arabica, it brings a balanced and nuanced taste, while the 20% Robusta adds strength to the blend. This combination is well-suited for both espresso lovers and those who prefer milk-based coffee drinks.

Ideal for brewing in lever espresso machines, automatic espresso machines, and Moka pots, White Blend promises a rich and satisfying experience with every cup.

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White Blend is a combination of 80% Arabica sourced from the Cerrado region in the southwestern part of Minas Gerais, Brazil, and 20% robusta of the Cherry AA variety from plantations in India.

With an 80 to 20 ratio of Arabica to Robusta, White Blend Coffee boasts a low acidity profile, allowing you to experience the high sweetness of milk chocolate and delight in the subtle bitterness of walnuts. The result is a full-bodied and well-balanced flavor.

The fresh green coffee beans in our roastery come from the 2019 harvest. We roast these beans to a medium degree, ensuring a balanced process that doesn't suppress their natural aroma.

White Blend has a high caffeine content, and the crema that forms on the surface after brewing espresso has a chocolatey color.

Brazilian Origin: The Arabica beans from Brazil are cultivated in the Cerrado region, known for its consistent climate and elevation. Cerrado is an impressive and extensive area covering approximately 1,400,000 hectares, housing coffee plantations. Around 3,600 coffee producers operate permanently on this land, with the majority forming large cooperatives. The plantations vary in size, ranging from 100-hectare farms to vast fields spanning over 3,000 hectares.

The average yearly temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius, and the annual rainfall is maintained at 1600 mm. The rainy season occurs from December to March. The elevation ranges from 900 to 1250 meters above sea level. The stable climate supports coffee producers, allowing them to focus on quality and production without worrying about weather anomalies. Advanced technological practices among Cerrado farmers enable precise control over cultivation. Harvests take place from May to September, and the beans undergo natural processing. Coffee cherries dry in the sun for several days until the pulp is soft and brittle enough to separate from the bean. This processing method results in coffee with high body, pronounced sweetness, and low acidity.

Indian Robusta: The robusta beans in the White Blend come from the Cherry AA variety in India, known for its high-quality robusta. Its distinctive features include a robust brew with notes of acidity and a mild bitterness, complemented by a noticeable spicy aftertaste. The beans undergo natural processing, with the cherries drying in the sun until the pulp naturally separates from the bean. Coffee brewed from these beans has high body, significant sweetness, and low acidity.

Ideal for brewing at home, as well as in restaurants and cafes, White Blend excels in espresso, americano, and milk-based coffees. Due to its substantial caffeine content, it is recommended for enthusiasts of stronger coffees. 😊

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